About the Allergy and Asthma Center of the Rockies

About the Allergy and Asthma Center of the Rockies

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Allergy & Asthma Center for the Rockies was started with a purpose in mind to evaluate patients and create life changing solutions. By taking the time to listen and evaluate, a patient’s problems, symptoms and findings are synthesized. The solution is to eliminate the symptoms and problems so patients can lead a normal life. Everyone should have excellent quality of life where it did not exist before. Our job is for patients to have no limitations, restrictions or symptoms because of allergies.

Allergies adversely affect the eyes, nose, lungs, skin, gastrointestinal system, blood and tissues. Nasal allergies cause chronic cough, nasal congestion, drippy nose, throat clearing, sore throat, nausea, facial pressure, headache or breathing issues. Eye allergies cause itching, redness, swelling and discharge. Asthma causes shortness of breath; tightness; limitations of exercise, exertion or tasks; night cough, morning breathing symptoms or wheezing. All of these chronic symptoms can be controlled or eliminated by proper treatment regimens that we create for each individual patient.

There are specific sensitivities from which patients suffer from. Food, drug and stinging insect allergies can cause skin reactions like hives, gastrointestinal reactions like nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, breathing symptoms such as throat closing, wheezing or cessation of breathing, shock or death. These can be identified and treated. We have a unique avoidance program for food allergies. There is curative treatment for stinging insect allergies.

We evaluate and treat allergic rashes, hives and urticaria. Eczema or atopic dermatitis is an allergic skin condition. We evaluate to find if this is due to indoor allergies, food allergies and have specific treatment regimens for complete control. Contact dermatitis is when a common substance causes rashes and itching. Proper testing can identify the chemical and we can advise on how to eliminate the substance from one’s life.

There are many immunological diseases we evaluate. Some are deficiencies of the immune system where patients have chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic ear infections, too many infections or unusual infections. Some are autoimmune disease, where the body attacks itself. Some are joint or muscle problems such as rheumatological diseases. We can identify these diseases and either treat or appropriately refer.

Many headaches or migraines are related to allergies. These can be controlled or eliminated by proper allergy workup and treatment.

Our mission is to give our patients a normal life. We want to ensure a great quality of life, and not just to make patients better, but to feel wonderful and to have no symptoms, limitations or restrictions.