Stop Allergies! Stop Cough! Stop Living a Poor Life!

Our allergy video series and our clinic will change your life! You, your family, and friends can have complete control of allergy and asthma symptoms. Have a wonderful quality of life no matter what allergies you have. Be symptom free. Change your life.

Our allergy video series and our clinic is based on our years of evaluations and treatment experiences. We change peoples lives every day. Patients come to us with horrible allergy symptoms and we turn these around in just one visit. Listen to the questions we ask. Compare symptoms. See our treatments. Learn from our complete and informative allergy explanation and treatment plans.

Our way of education covers allergy symptoms for the eyes, to nose, the lungs, to skin and other allergy diseases. There are many conditions related to allergies like asthma, eczema, food allergies, drug allergies, bee/hornet/wasp allergies, reflux and migraines.

Find out about your symptoms and how we can help alleviate your or your family’s or friend’s allergy symptoms. Recognition of these symptoms can change your life. No one should live with allergy symptoms.

Treatment plans that we have used have worked for thousands of patients. These patients now lead normal lives. You do not have to live with allergy symptoms.

Many people feel that their allergy symptoms are the family curse. They feel that they have to live with them because their brother, mother, uncle or grandmother had these symptoms and suffered. There can be excellent control if you recognize these are allergy symptoms and learn from us how to control these symptoms.

Our explanations and teaching are informative, lengthy, and complete. We explain everything in an easy-to-understand way. No allergy subject is too difficult to know about. I put it in plain English. No fancy or medical words.

Knowledge is power. We provide the teaching to unlock allergies grip on you. When you learn our explanations of allergy symptoms and treatments you will be able to be allergy symptom free!

Do not live another day in misery and suffering. Stop the symptoms. Have a wonderful quality of life. Breathe normally! Live allergy symptom free! LISTEN TO OUR ALLERGY VIDEO SERIES ABOVE! No charge and no obligation!


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Allergy & Asthma Center for the Rockies was started with a purpose in mind to evaluate patients and create life changing solutions. By taking the time to listen and evaluate, a patient’s problems, symptoms and findings are synthesized. The solution is to eliminate the symptoms and problems so patients can lead a normal life. Everyone should have excellent quality of life where it did not exist before. Our job is for patients to have no limitations, restrictions or symptoms because of allergies.