How to Prevent Asthma Symptoms

If you have asthma, you probably know it can be set off by various triggers, causing wheezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. These symptoms can be life-threatening, and though there is no cure, you can take the advice of an asthma clinic in Sterling to prevent and control your asthma symptoms so you can avoid acute attacks.

Asthma Triggers

Your asthma may be set off by one or many of the following: allergies, sinusitis, a cold or flu virus, smoke, cold air, air pollution or certain fragrances. Your first step is to discover which of these causes your symptoms and avoid them. You can do this by keeping an allergy diary for several weeks. Write down what seems to set you off. You can also see an allergy and asthma doctor in Sterling for skin testing to see what you’re allergic to, so you can avoid exposure to those specific factors. Asthma episodes usually come with early warning signs. See your doctor if you feel like your symptoms are getting worse.

Preventing Asthma

Asthma can be induced by exercise. If you plan on working up a sweat or are doing mild exercise in a cold, dry or humid climate, follow your doctor’s advice for prevention which usually includes an albuterol inhaler.

Try to avoid getting sick with respiratory issues when you have asthma because they can make your symptoms worse. Wash your hands on a regular basis if you’re around someone who has a cold or the flu, especially after touching something that may have been contaminated. Make sure you get the flu shot each year for prevention, and if you’re over the age of 19, you’ll need a pneumonia shot every 10 years as well because those with asthma are twice as likely to contract pneumococcal pneumonia as those who don’t have breathing issues.

Smoke of any type is bad for asthma symptoms. It isn’t just cigarettes and cigars that can cause problems. You should also avoid candles, fireworks, incense and campfires. Don’t let anyone smoke in your home or car and avoid any public space that allows smoking. If you’re a smoker, quitting is imperative. Get help to quit because it’s doubly bad for your health when you have asthma.

Asthma requires professional medical care to keep you breathing well, but by following the above advice, you can help keep it under control. If you’re looking for an asthma doctor, Sterling offices have much to offer. Visit our asthma clinic in Sterling for the best care.

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