Dr. Lanting Cracks the Case

This story was featured in abc News last November 15, 2012.

Connor and Taylor Frankenfeld from Sterling Colorado looks like no ordinary kids, but they are special. The siblings have a rare condition that appears one in every 100,000 people and it is called cold urticaria. It is an allergy where hives occur on the skin after exposure to a cold stimulus.

Connor was 3 years old when Mike and Melissa noticed a rash in the diaper area of the kid and thought it was just ordinary diaper rash. The parents tried everything from home remedies, to changing diapers, det

They have decided to bring Connor to a physician but the physician’s diagnosis was still diaper rash. Rashes come and go to Connor and the family has been visiting one doctor to the other with the hope of finding a remedy to their child’s rashes until they came to Dr. Bill Lanting of Asthma and Allergy Center of the Rockies.

Dr. Bill performed a simple test to Connor. Using an ice cube, he pressed it against the child’s arm for about 4 minutes and watched as hives formed. That’s the time they knew that their child had cold urticaria.

“You have these mast cells, or allergy cells that are found mainly in the skin, and are set off by allergens like food, medications, and stinging insects,” Lanting told ABCNews.com. “Exposure to cold or literally holding a coke can or ice cube can set off the mast cell, so if you’re exposed to cold at a certain temperature, you can get hives. Hives you can deal with using Benadryl, but if it’s severe enough it can cause throat swelling and breathing problems.”
The Frankenfeld also learned that their daughter Taylor is also suffering from the same allergy and her condition is more serious that her younger brother.

If not because of Dr. Bill Lanting, the Frankenfeld would not know that both their children are suffering from cold urticaria and because of the good doctor’s diagnosis now the children can live a normal life because Mike and Melissa already know the do’s and don’ts for their children.
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