Can Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Asthma Attacks?

Asthma attacks are painful, stressful and irritating. The symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and more can exhaust a person, no matter what age. It can drain you for a couple days, weeks or month depending on why you had the attack. If you have a cold, the asthma symptoms can linger well past the cold. After causing such exertion on the lungs, it takes a little while for them to repair themselves. What if Vitamin D deficiency led to asthma attacks? Having a Vitamin D deficiency can cause many problems including hair loss, weight gain, poor fingernails, fatigue, muscle weakness, bone pain, asthma problems and more. There are so many problems that Vitamin D deficiency causes, yet it’s an easy fix.

According to a study completed by the Cochrane Review team, those who had mild to moderate asthma who took Vitamin D had less hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room related to asthma attacks. The numbers went from six percent to three percent throughout the six to twelve month studies. While Vitamin D did not help their lungs get stronger, or minimize daily asthma symptoms, hospital visits and stays were fewer. This study also showed that those taking Vitamin D supplements had fewer asthma attacks that required steroids.

Vitamin D supplements are affordable and easy to take. They come in capsule form and are a simple fix to so many symptoms that the deficiency leads to. While more research needs to be completed on studies with children and adults with asthma, this is a good start. If you experience any symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, schedule an appointment with your physician. A quick blood draw will be ordered to determine your Vitamin D levels. Based on your numbers (normal levels are between 30 and 50), your physician will decide a dosage of Vitamin D. If you need more than a normal daily dose, they can write a prescription. Keeping asthma in control with no attacks is very important. With the correct medications, and treatment and action plans, you can live a normal, healthy lifestyle.

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