As shocking as it may sound, over 50 million people suffer from allergies in the United States alone. If you are one of those people, it’s important to find a treatment for your specific allergy. Nowadays, allergy testing is straightforward, providing an accurate and convenient way to diagnose and classify allergies. These tests, along with detailed medical history, allow a doctor to identify allergy triggers.

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What Happens During An Allergy Test?

Blood and skin tests are the two types of allergy tests used to identify allergy triggers. Depending on your allergies, it is possible that you may need to perform only one kind of test or both.

What Happens During A Skin Test?

There are two different sets of skin tests. The more commonly used test requires the insertion of a drop of possible allergen into the skin of the forearm or back via a small needle. During your skin test, our trained professionals will use several allergens to check what causes an allergic reaction in your system. The results display as swelling or redness on the tested areas of the skin.

Do Skin Tests Hurt?

In either skin test, there is little to no pain. Nonetheless, should a test show a positive reaction, you may have some annoying, itchy red bumps. Usually, they disappear within a few short hours, if not minutes.

Does Allergy Testing Have Any Side Effects?

As allergy testing is a medical exam, there can be some risks. When we refer to risks, we refer to a reaction to the testing. In general, these reactions are minor, including swelling and itching of the tested skin, and rarely result in more serious effects. However, since varying reactions may occur during your allergy testing, it’s always best to see a specialist as they are qualified and experienced to deal with both minor or severe effects of testing.

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