“I did not know I could feel this good! I am normal. Who knew allergies could cause all of these symptoms?”

“Not only can I breath better but I can do exercise again.”

“My son can now run and play with friends.”

“My nose is open for the first time. I feel great now that m allergies are controlled.”

“It’s great to smell again! I can enjoy eating.”

“It is great to finally live without symptoms for the first time with your treatment plan.”

“I did not know what it was like to breath normally until you fixed my asthma.”

“Now that I have my food allergies diagnosed and your 7 step avoidance program I can eat without fear.”

“My daughters’s eczema was making her feel terrible and was keeping her and us up at night. Now she has no rash, itching and sleeping great!”

“I did not know that my bee allergy could kill me. Now I have treatment that will save me and can cure me!”

“Why did I wait so long to figure out my allergies and treat them? Now I have a normal life and can do anything, anywhere, anytime.”

“We are so excited to get better.”

“She is a complete different kid with so much energy. We live in Wyoming and it might be a drive down here but it’s well worth it.”

“After a year of treatment I am able to enjoy a more active lifestyle without fear of asthma attacks.”

“After visiting the center I have had more energy than ever, I can breathe! I can even see better.”

“After one visit I found out that I had allergies that I didn’t know I had. And within a week I have felt better than I have in almost ten years.”

“My experience has been great and I am looking forward to the day when my breathing is perfect!!”

“Whenever Dr. Lanting is consulting with me I feel I have his full attention and that he is genuinely concerned about my progress.”