Patients Things to Remember

Please remember to bring insurance cards and a driver’s license for us to copy for our records. If the patient needs a skin test, be off all antihistamines 5-7 days prior to the test. (please print a pre – skin test instructions form). Plan on being in the office from start to finish approximately 2 hours for any testing that may be done in the office.


  • Please arrive to the location of the appointment about 10 – 15 minutes early. There will be paper work to fill out such as; demographics, medical history and medications taken. The patient will sit in the waiting room and wait for a nurse.
  • Once the nurse calls the patient back, the patient then goes to an exam room to get vitals, height, weight, medical information and specific questions answered.
  • The doctor comes in and goes over history and goes through an exam and physical. From the history, the doctor decides on the appropriate tests that the nurse then acquires.
  • If the patient has asthma symptoms, the nurse will do a Pulmonary Lung Function Test. The patient blows in a device to measure lung capacity and to show the doctor, any restrictions in the large and small airways. Next, if you have allergy symptoms a skin test is the best way to let the doctor know what you are allergic to. The patient lies on their stomach if they are able to, and the nurse performs various slight pricks on the patients back.
  • When all the information is ready for the doctor to make his diagnosis, he then has a conference with the patient to go over all the tests that were done with the nurse. The doctor goes over what he thinks would be the appropriate path to take. This may include asthma medication, allergy medication, simple ways to get rid of allergens in the home and he may think you qualify to become an immunotherapy candidate.
  • At this time, the nurse will come back in to the exam room to go over any questions the patient may have. The nurse will demonstrate any medications. lab work, samples and prescriptions will also be given to the patient.
  • Finally the patient checks out with the front desk to make their following appointments.