“Nasal washes are my friend” as repeated by Dr. Lanting at  AAACOR and sworn to by many of our patients.

What are Nasal Saline Washes (NSW) and what are the advantages?  Nasal saline washes are also known as nasal irrigations, or sinus rinses.   The purpose of a NSW is to wash away allergens, and irritants such as pollens, dust particles, and environmental pollutants.  Rinses can help with cold viruses and bacteria that cause symptoms such as excess mucus and post nasal drip.

A few recognized advantages to NSW are:  Relieving sinus congestion, sinus discharge and coughfrom post nasal drip.  It may also improve the loss sense of smell or taste, headache and snoring.  Doing NSW twice a day can reduce the duration of illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, flu, or prevent sinusitis.  Cleansing the mucus membrane in your sinuses twice daily will help decrease inflammation that can lead to rhinitis and sinusitis.  Nasal sinus rinse kits are provided free to all of our new patients at their first office visit at Allergy and Asthma Center of the Rockies, Ft.Collins, Greeley,Sterling, or Ft. Morgan along with an educational training session!

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