One of the most common questions asked when patients are considering immunotherapy ( allergy shots) is how insurance will cover the cost.  It is important to remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance provider.  Every policy is different.  What an insurance company will cover for you may be different from what it would cover for someone else.

If you are concerned about how your insurance will cover immunotherapy, calling your insurance provider is the best place to start.  The back of your insurance card will show a number to call for customer service.

When our office bills your insurance company, we use 2 separate procedure codes:

95165 – This is the code for allergy serum.  Your serum will be mixed for you based on the results of your allergy testing.  We bill the 95165 for each vial of serum we create for you.  The number of vials we bill for depends on the number of vials needed for your particular dose.

95115 or 95117 – These are the codes for the administration of the allergy shot.  Whether you require 1,2,or 3 vials will determine which code we use for your shots.  The cost of the injection is minimal and will likely be covered by most insurance plans.

You can always call our office with any questions or concerns about immunotherapy and the associated costs.  We want you to receive the best possible treatment and results.  We will work with you to make your treatment with us affordable and life changing!

Jessica Marter, Office Manager