Winter is finally here, so allergy and asthma sufferers can say ‘sayonara’ to summertime woes, like hay fever and pollen. Unfortunately, there are plenty of allergen triggers that come hand-in-hand with holiday gatherings, even if you spend most of your time indoors. Luckily, many places are available to help inform those who suffer from these issues. A visit to your local Colorado asthma and allergy center or clinic will let you know how you can make the holidays a much more pleasant experience.

Food Allergies During the Holidays

During holiday festivities, food often takes center stage. For foodies, it’s great! But, for those who have food allergies, it’s problematic. During asthma and allergy clinic appointments, people learn about food preparation and cross-contamination, a vital reminder when partaking in Christmas meals. Remember, no one is obliging you to eat something that could potentially make you sick. To avoid this scenario, you can eat before arriving or bring along your own snacks.

Holiday Triggers That Are not Food-Related

When it comes to asthma and allergies, the holidays with its stress, travel, and decorations can pose many challenges. Avoid rushing to the closest asthma and allergy center by watching out for these potential triggers:

Stress: Plain, old stress can trigger serious asthma attacks. Chemicals released during times of stress, be it mild or major, can cause your airway muscles to constrict, causing breathing difficulties.

Christmas Trees: Do Christmas trees cause shortness of breath or make you sneeze? The tree itself may not be the cause of the allergy, but the myriad of fragrances may be the culprit. If you’re a ‘real tree’ diehard fan and refuse to use one of those fake imposters, then leave it to dry in the garage for a solid week, then give it a good shake before bringing it inside.

Artificial Snow: When using artificial snow, follow the directions on the container carefully as those sprays can trigger asthma symptoms and irritate your lungs.

Pets: According to asthma and allergy clinics, the “Thanksgiving Effect,” a phenomenon that happens when people become allergic to their pets after being away from them, is a common occurrence. When you return from a holiday trip, you may find yourself sneezing up a storm, even after having built up a tolerance.

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