Every holiday season many people dread the office snacks piling up on the break room table. Trying to eat healthy and stay fit around the holidays is difficult. Keeping our bodies in the same routine is important also.

There are many ways to avoid holiday snacking and putting on extra weight.

-Choose seasonal snacks which you cannot get year round. This may include a special family recipe that has been passed down for generations, or an item which can only be purchased certain times of the year.
-Continue your exercise routine, even if your schedule is overwhelming. If you have to split up normal work out sessions into 10 or 15 minute increments.
-When eating at large gatherings, wait until all food items are on the table. This will encourage you to choose which items you should fill the plate with, rather than going back for seconds or thirds.
-Portion control is important when eating healthy. Smaller dishes and serving utensils encourage us to put less food on our plates.
-Studies show people drink less when using a tall, skinny glass, rather than a short, wide glass. Short glasses may seem like they hold less, so people tend to fill them to the top.

-Add fruits and vegetables with your holiday meals and snacks. By filling up on these first, we cut back on snacking.
-Make sure snacks, sweets and candy are more than six feet away at the office and holiday gatherings. If these are out of arms reach, they are easier to avoid.
-Keep healthy snacks near your work desk. With those nearby, you will be less tempted to go to the break room and indulge in treats.
-Eat a healthy snack before going to holiday parties to help control your appetite.
-Studies show that eating breakfast prevents people from snacking throughout the day.
-Keep a food journal and monitor your weight. Tracking what you eat and weigh can help you maintain a workout routine and prevent over-snacking.
-Eat something before heading out to holiday shop. Passing fast food restaurants and food stands on an empty stomach urges people to stop and eat.

Keeping our bodies happy and healthy year round is important. Following these key tasks will help keep extra weight off and maintain an exercise routine throughout the holiday season.