I do love flowers!  They are magnificent!  I love beauty, and if you look, there is much of it to be found.  We just need appreciate it!  They are all beautiful!  And, flower pollen is not what people are usually allergic to.  It is weeds and trees, grasses and molds that people are allergic to!
Flower pollen is designed to stick to insects – to be moved that way from flower to flower.  That is why flowers are bright and patterned.  This is to make them identifiable to insects which have poor vision, relatively speaking.  So, the pollen sticks to the bees and other insects, and is carried from flower to flower.  With trees and grasses, their pollen is small and they do not have attractive flowers to get the insects to do the transportation job for them, so the pollen is airborne and gets up our noses on its way to find another grass plant or tree to pollinate!  Then we have allergic reactions to them.  With molds, they spread their spores and hope they land in a nice moist place to germinate, grow and multiply some more.  Sometimes they find your nose and irritate you!

So, don’t fear the flowers!  Generally, their pollen is not likely to bother you as you won’t have been exposed to it much in the air and would not have had a way of developing an allergy to it.  Enjoy the roses!

Loretta Lanting