Cold weather does affect asthma, and for those who suffer from this uncomfortable breathing issue, it comes as no surprise. Now that we are in the midst of epic winter conditions, it’s essential to learn how such cold temperatures affect asthma, as well as other breathing problems, and what you can do to lessen winter’s negative effects. Asthma centers in Fort Collins see a spike in wintertime woes, so here is some advice to help you get through the frosty weather.

Why Does My Asthma Get Worse When It’s Cold?

When it comes to asthma symptoms, there are several reasons why frigid temperatures cause breathing distress. One reason has to do with your lungs being unable to warm cold air. People with asthma who exercise in winter have a hard time warming their breath adequately, which causes the lungs to respond by becoming inflamed. This can lead to an asthma attack.

Airway dryness is another result of the shock of cold air in the lungs. Typically, asthma centers in Fort Collins explain that, since people with asthma have weakened lungs, dry winter air affects them more. In the end, this can result in long periods of breathing difficulties, as well as severe asthma attacks.

How To Manage Asthma Symptoms In Cold Temperatures

Even though you may have asthma, you can still find ways to enjoy this time of year. According to allergy centers in Sterling, it often comes down to minimizing your symptoms and knowing what situations to avoid.

  • When outdoors, use a scarf to cover your mouth and nose, and dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Keep an inhaler on you, in the event of an emergency.
  • If the weather is very dry, cold, or if you’re feeling symptomatic, stay indoors.
  • Keep nasal passages clear with saline spray or regular irrigation.
  • During cold months, exercise indoors.
  • Cover up, even if you’re planning on staying outside for just a few minutes.
  • Before leaving the house or exercising, consider if you’ll need to take asthma medication.

With this advice, you should be able to avoid emergency visits to an allergy center in Sterling and fully enjoy this winter season.

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