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Providing Sickness Protection for the Upcoming School Year

Did you know that Allergy & Asthma Center of the Rockies can prepare you for the transition from summer to fall? With all the different viruses and allergies approaching, you’ll want your little ones (and yourself) to be prepared for these allergies that are ready to upset the new school year. Summer is coming to [...]

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How to Deal With Your Summer Allergies

Are your seasonal allergies stealing your summer fun? That shouldn’t be the case. Allergies are curable! Living in a state as beautiful as Colorado, you should be able to enjoy it. No more skipping out on hikes or missing the evening sunset. It is time to find a Colorado allergy and asthma clinic. (Luckily for [...]

Are You Protected from the Flu?

As we head towards spring, the flu continues to remain on the rise in Colorado. There have been more hospitalizations each week, as well as some deaths. According to, there were another 153 hospital admissions due to the flu, by the end of the week of February 4. This brings flu hospital admissions to [...]

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What’s Causing Your Sore Throat and How to Manage It

There are many things that can cause a sore throat – strep throat, tonsillitis, a cold, drainage from allergies, etc. So what do you do when you have a sore throat? Do you go to the doctor? Do you drink hot tea with honey? How do you determine what’s causing your sore throat? Normally when [...]

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Norovirus and How it Can Affect You

Viruses this fall and winter have hit in full force. This season, the culprit that is closing schools, nursing homes, and keeping people stuck at home is the norovirus. This virus, also known as the winter vomit bug (Wikipedia), is a very contagious virus that anyone can get. “In the United States it is most [...]

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Don’t Let Your Night Time Cough Keep You Awake

Do you have a cough that wakes you up or keeps you up at night? Nighttime, awakening cough is a common symptom of asthma. It is inflammation of the breathing tubes. The body’s internal defense mechanism against inflammation, cortisol, is lowest in the middle of the night. This can reveal asthma that is covered in [...]

December 21st, 2016|General Information|0 Comments

How to Make it through Flu Season

As the weather continues to dip and germs are spread throughout school and work places, avoiding the flu is a high priority. On average, the flu puts about 200,000 people in the hospital each year, killing roughly 36,000. Although the flu vaccination only covers certain strains each year, it is still highly recommended for babies, [...]

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How Having a Clean Home Can Help Keep Your Child’s Asthma in Control

Weekends are a time for running errands, catching up with friends and family, and the unfortunate task of cleaning the house. It’s usually the last thing on our list that we want to do, however, what if it helped keep asthma symptoms in control, especially for children? One in every 10 children has asthma. This [...]

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Could you be at high risk of complications caused by the flu?

It’s that time of year again. Back to school, the holidays, and the flu. The flu comes and goes, but for those who have certain health issues, the flu can linger and cause additional complications. So, are you at risk of these complications? Influenza is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system. This includes [...]

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Can Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Asthma Attacks?

Asthma attacks are painful, stressful and irritating. The symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and more can exhaust a person, no matter what age. It can drain you for a couple days, weeks or month depending on why you had the attack. If you have a cold, the asthma symptoms can linger well [...]

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