Do Your Asthma Symptoms Increase With Cold Weather?

Cold weather does affect asthma, and for those who suffer from this uncomfortable breathing issue, it comes as no surprise. Now that we are in the midst of epic winter conditions, it's essential to learn how such cold temperatures affect asthma, as well as other breathing problems, and what you can do to lessen winter's [...]

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How To Survive The Holiday Season When Suffering From Allergies And Asthma

Winter is finally here, so allergy and asthma sufferers can say 'sayonara' to summertime woes, like hay fever and pollen. Unfortunately, there are plenty of allergen triggers that come hand-in-hand with holiday gatherings, even if you spend most of your time indoors. Luckily, many places are available to help inform those who suffer from these [...]

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Your Colorado Rockies Asthma Doctor

It’s no secret that asthma can be a serious day-to-day hindrance, even life threatening at times. But that doesn’t mean asthma should keep you from living the active lifestyle so many Coloradans enjoy. With a little help from Dr. Lanting at the Allergy & Asthma Center of the Rockies, you too can hit the slopes [...]

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How to Deal With Your Summer Allergies

Are your seasonal allergies stealing your summer fun? That shouldn’t be the case. Allergies are curable! Living in a state as beautiful as Colorado, you should be able to enjoy it. No more skipping out on hikes or missing the evening sunset. It is time to find a Colorado allergy and asthma clinic. (Luckily for [...]

Asthma and the Flu

Even though spread of the flu seems to be slowing down, it’s still circulating at above-average levels. If you have asthma, hopefully you’ve already gotten your flu shot, as the CDC recommended. Both children (older than 6 months) and adults with asthma should get vaccinated against influenza every year. However, this year the inactive strain used to make [...]

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Is Your Asthma Keeping You from Your Favorite Winter Sports?

For those who have asthma, winter can be a particularly challenging season.  The combination of increased exposure to indoor asthma triggers from prolonged time spent indoors and the cold, dry weather outside may make you wish you could hibernate until spring.  If you love winter sports, you may feel frustrated or disappointed when your asthma [...]

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Tackle Your Tree Allergies

With frigid temperatures, insane snowstorms, and excessive traffic jams, the winter of 2013- 2014 has been brutal.  Even though the snow has melted, and the temperatures are rising, there is one more punch that this winter has left to throw – tree allergies.  This year, in spite of the cold, they are predicted to have [...]

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