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Colorado Flood Allergy Mold Information

September 19th, 2013|General Information|0 Comments

Dr. Lanting Cracks the Case

This story was featured in abc News last November 15, 2012. Connor and Taylor Frankenfeld from Sterling Colorado looks like no ordinary kids, but they are special. The siblings have a rare condition that appears one in every 100,000 people and it is called cold urticaria. It is an allergy where hives occur on the [...]

September 11th, 2013|General Information|0 Comments

Asthma Treatment-Asthma Therapy-Leukotriene Antagonists Singulair

This video reviews the asthma medications known as leukotriene antagonists. These are non-steroid anti-inflammatiory medications to help treat asthma. They also help allergies and allergic rhinitis. They should not be used alone in asthma, but in addition to other asthma drugs.

July 9th, 2012|General Information|0 Comments

Severe Asthma Treatment With Xolair

Five percent of asthma patients have severe asthma. Some severe asthmatics do not have control even with triple therapy. These patients used to have to take oral steroids or prednisone on a daily basis. Now there is a therapy that can give excellent control and negate the need for oral steroids, end the need for [...]

July 8th, 2012|General Information|0 Comments

Asthma Therapy – Asthma Treatment – Long Acting Beta Agonist – Albuterol – Foradil – Serevent

This video is about asthma therapy. It reviews asthma therapy for persistent asthmatics in using a long acting beta agonists or long acting albuterol, If asthma does not respond to inhaled steroids alone then these drugs can help. They cannot be use alone but can be used with inhaled steroids to have control.

May 28th, 2012|General Information|0 Comments

Asthma Inhaler Technique – How To Use Asthma Medication

This video reviews proper and effective asthma inhaler technique. A how on how to use asthma medication. To do great with asthma you have to take it and use it correctly. Too many patients are given asthma medication and not demonstrated how to use it right. You cannot get the benefits of asthma treatment until [...]

May 27th, 2012|General Information|0 Comments

Asthma Treatment – Inhaled Corticosteroids – Asthma Inhaler Treatment Technique

This video is help understand asthma therapy, with inhaled corticosteroids. It reviews asthma treatment, inhaler history and technique. Asthma should always be under excellent control with no symptoms, limitations or restrictions. This should help all those who have asthma and need daily therapy. Remember, if you need medication, take it!

May 19th, 2012|General Information|0 Comments

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Eczema is an allergic skin condition. It is better know as atopic dermatitis. It is caused by indoor or environmental allergens and or food allergies. The symptoms of eczema are itchy, red, raised skin. Eczema can be in any area of the body, from the face to the neck, chest, abdomen, back, arms, legs, hands [...]

May 12th, 2012|General Information|0 Comments

Asthma Treatment and Medications to Prevent Exacerbations or Asthma Attacks

This a review from the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. It reviews how using the correct asthma medication and using appropriate asthma treatment will prevent asthma attacks or asthma exacerbations. Using inhaled corticosteroids, long acting beta agonists and leukotriene antagonists will control asthma inflammation and eosinophils. The goal is to have great asthma control [...]

May 12th, 2012|General Information|0 Comments

Allergy Treatment

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies. Many people are afflicted with some type of allergy to all sorts of things, such as environmental allergens, odors, fumes, food, and cigarette smoke are few of the factors. Allergies despite not being diseases can severely affect your health for weeks. Allergy is widespread and affects approximately one in [...]

March 2nd, 2012|General Information|0 Comments